The original Wampum Trading Post was located in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

In 1976 Arthur C. Evans, retired architect, opened the sister trading post in San Simeon, California,

under the shadow of the Hearst Castle.

Arthur had designed and built the Hearst newspaper plant in Riverside, California,

and, therefore, had some acquaintance with the Hearst family.

Arthur specialized in authentic American Indian arts and crafts, brought to San Simeon, directly from a number of reservations throughout the Southwestern United States.

 The store was very popular with tourists who had come from all over the world in order to see the Hearst Castle properties, and surrounding areas.

Arthur retired in the year of XXXX, and sold the ongoing business to a longtime friend of the family, whom he had known during his years in Riverside, Nancy Petroff.

The Evans family continued to own the actual property while Nancy rented it.

After 25 years, Nancy was forced to retire due to medical conditions (she was 85 years old).

Since that time the Evans family has taken the business over once again.

The family continues to build upon Art's principles and ideas when it comes to trading in

American Indian artifacts, artworks, and crafts.